Harmonic Collective welcomes and encourages diversity. HC is comprised of men with both minimal to no musical experience as well as men with rich musical histories and backgrounds. At Harmonic Collective, we seek musical excellence and growth in an environment in which anyone can find a musical home, and a second family.  Join us at our next rehearsal to see if the Collective is the right fit for you!


When?  Sundays - 5:00-8:00 PM

Where?  Masonic Lodge 501

608 Oswego St

Liverpool, NY 13088

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you need to be able to read music?

A. Although it's a useful skill, it's not mandatory.  A lot of our learning is done by listening to learning tracks or coaching during rehearsals in sectionals and the full ensemble. Our singers come from a wide variety of backgrounds... everything from guys with music degrees to guys who haven't sung since grade school - you'll fit right in!


Q. What are the costs involved?

A. We pay $5 per month for dues, as well as paying our District and International dues once a year. Other expenses include our official uniform and competition registrations. The financial aspect is discussed with all new members, so there's an opportunity to learn ways the chorus has made available to help singers with these expenses. 


Q. What is the time commitment?

A. Weekly rehearsals are 5:00-8:00pm on Sunday evenings. Other time commitments include district competitions (held twice a year, once in the spring and once in the fall) and full-chorus performance opportunities around New York state. In addition, our chorus is fortunate to work with top-notch coaches a few times throughout the year. Attendance at all rehearsals (regular and coaching) is important as the ensemble is working and learning together at the same time.  We also expect that chorus members are practicing their music outside of rehearsal - driving in the car, singing at home, and just doing your part to make sure that our time together on Sunday nights really counts.


Q. Is it OK that I haven't sung in a while?

A. Our chorus is really unique in that over half of our members are high school or college students who sing on a regular basis or are even studying music in school.  However, many of our adult singers haven't sung in high school or college and have missed singing, learning, and performing. We find that our all of our members quickly refresh their skills and gain new ones singing with HC!


Q. Do I have to audition?

A. Auditions are held with our Music Team in a private area after you've attended a minimum of three rehearsals. You can even try a practice audition, which gives your section teacher a chance to give you personal feedback. He will let you know if there are areas in the song that you need to concentrate on before the audition (the following week).  Auditions for HC are to determine your POTENTIAL to contribute to the chorus, not to make sure you're perfect right now!


Q. But what is barbershop and how will I know what part to sing?

A. Barbershop harmony is a traditional American art form that combines the artistry and soul of African harmonies with European-influenced popular music.  Considered the "black belt of a cappella," this unaccompanied, four-part harmony singing now spans the globe because of its unique style and challenging musical elements.  Between the overtones and the non-stop visual performance, barbershop choruses and quartets continue to leave audiences (and barbershoppers) wanting more!  The four voice parts are tenor (high harmony), lead (melody), baritone (middle harmony), and bass (low harmony).  When you visit HC, you'll be asked to sing and chat with one of our Music Team members to find out where your voice will best fit into the mix!


Q. What if I have MORE questions?

A. Then email us (harmoniccollective315@gmail.com), check us out on Facebook to see the group in action, or just stop by on a Sunday night!  We can't wait to meet you and "ring" a chord or two!